ClearChoice: The Industry Leader for Dental Implants

By Dr. Monarres

The discovery of dental implants was a significant dental innovation for our generation. Dental implants have soared in popularity in recent years because they provide a better alternative to conventional prostheses such as dentures.

Wearing dentures can lead to bone loss because of the pressure applied when they are used. This can cause discomfort, slippage, loss of function, and it requires that the dentures be re-lined or replaced periodically. In contrast, dental implants become fused with the bone in the jaw, thus putting an end to the loss of bone volume.

Dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Patients can bite, chew, and speak without the worry that they may come loose. They aren’t subject to decay, and they don’t compromise your oral hygiene the way partial dentures can.

Why is ClearChoice the industry leader for dental implants? At ClearChoice, our board certified doctors place more implants in one year than many others will in their entire career. Our certified lab technicians have extensive experience in the laboratory where they meticulously craft each product. Our doctors have used many innovative techniques that have allowed them to improve the process and deliver optimal results to our patients.

Our patients’ dental implant treatment begins with an initial consultation, where they receive a 3-D CAT scan of the mouth. Our doctors review the scan and determine the bone, tooth and tissue structure. This will ensure that a customized and effective treatment program is developed.

The treatment program includes a complete dental assessment that includes thorough review of scans by our doctors. This allows us to determine the whole treatment. During this appointment, our patients create their smile and receive all instructions for surgery day. On surgery day, the patients will first meet with our oral surgeon, who will perform tooth extractions and place the implants. Once the implants are placed, the prosthodontist will make impressions of the jaw. This allows the certified lab technicians to start making the teeth.

Once the teeth are done, the prosthodontist will carefully place the new teeth on the implants. The prosthodontist will make final adjustments needed to ensure proper alignment.

The cost of dental procedures is a significant aspect to consider. Patients may incur multiple fees at different offices when seeking dental treatment. At ClearChoice, every specialist needed for treatment is at our facility. Patients will not receive separate bills from laboratories, other offices, or multiple doctors.

Emphasis on quality service is our main priority and we’re committed to providing our patients a high standard of care. We can achieve this with the use of our modern imaging equipment and laboratory facilities.

Our expertise is built upon a long track record of successful surgeries. This expertise makes ClearChoice worthy of our patients’ confidence. We strive to deliver beautiful smiles and restoration of oral health.

At ClearChoice, we don’t just place dental implants. We create new smiles and change people’s lives.