Poised 4 Success: What's Your Style?

By Kim Mittelstadt

Discovering Your Personal Style can be defined as an expression of yourself through color, clothing style, personality and lifestyle, which creates positive energy within you.

Discovering the “why” behind your everyday style and even your hurried clothing choices will lead to interesting discoveries about your personality. Your clothing choices signal to others your attitude, social status, how you feel about yourself, and the role you play in life, just to name a few.

Each of us unconsciously follows subtle mental patterns that influence our choices as a form of self-expression. Expressing yourself through accessories is a great way to show off your personality! For example, if you wear glasses every day it should be considered one of your most important accessories and having a couple colors/styles to choose from can be a fun way to express your personality.

Shoes also say a lot about you and your personality. Having a pair of skin tone colored shoes can be the perfect selection for those difficult to match outfits. Be sure to keep your shoes polished and clean. If you want your shoes to be the focal point of your entire look, choose an outfit whose primary color is opposite your shoe color on the color wheel. Then, draw in accessories that enhance your overall outfit using the same color as your shoes.

When you think about choosing your style, think beyond the style and consider what expression you want to outwardly portray about yourself. Does the color give you energy? Is the style flattering to your bone structure and body type? Is the fabric texture adding bulk or is it too clingy? Since we all have to wear clothes why not use them to your advantage? I challenge you to use your clothing as a means of expressing yourself, and not hide behind them.

As you begin to reshape your wardrobe, choose styles that reflect who you are now, not who you were in your past. There are flattering, appropriate styles that are fun and sassy for any age. When your clothes no longer reflect your life or style, it’s common to feel uncomfortable with your appearance. Psychologists say that the most powerful influence on our choice of clothing styles are the habits we acquired as a child.

The best way to begin to discover your personal style is to learn more about your personality. Enjoy the journey. Look in the mirror and love who is staring back at you. Nobody is perfect but you can create the illusion of our best style by knowing what your best features are and where you may need to camouflage. Start with knowing your inborn traits that make you ‘you’, such as your body type, skin tone and natural born behaviors. Are you living heavily influenced by others opinions? If so, it’s time to rediscover you. It’s time to give yourself permission to let go of all the built up outside influences that you thought defined who you are and rebuild your style that is in harmony to who you were born into this world to be.

Our Poised 4 Success program contains four laser focused elements designed to empower and inspire you. Discover your authentic self, what you are doing or not doing to get exactly what you want and deserve and establish the steps necessary to guarantee the outcome you desire.

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