Your Eyes Are in Good Hands at Ultravision

Opthamologist Dr. Tomy Starck has accomplished something unique with Ultravision. Located across from the Dominion, Ultravision has assembled a vision clinic that is essentially a one-stop shop that has gracefully integrated innovative vision technology with a cozy spa-like environment. Not only do they offer an array of high-end to affordable glasses and contacts, but they are the preeminent center for Lasik surgery, anterior segment surgeries, cornea transplants and even more advanced conditions.

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The Geology of Central Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas and that includes its geologic history. The heart of Texas is as diverse as it is vast and multi-dimensional. The region has a massive flat-topped plateau, rolling hills, steep canyons, deep gorges, rich farmland and alluvial plains. Pre-Cambrian rocks can be found at Valley Springs and Enchanted Rock that date back more than 1 billion years and one of its most prominent features is a distinctive geologic feature known as the Balcones Escarpment - a dramatic strata of rock that cuts a dramatic swath northeast to southwest from Waco to the Texas Hill Country.

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Top Ten Golf Putters

The best golf putter is the one that works best for you. But since you can't try out hundreds of putters, take a cue from "Golf Digest's" annual Hot Lists of the best putters on the market. Many pro shops and golf retailers will let you try out putters before you buy, so check out the top ranked putters of 2013 and 2014 to see which one feels the best in your hands.

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Stress Management

When I was at the mid-point of my career, I became intrigued with the concept that the ability to effectively manage my time was really a major factor in also lowering stress, both in my personal life and in my business world.  While I was learning to use basic time management and scheduling tools, I discovered an inexpensive but priceless pamphlet by Charles E. Hummel entitled “Tyranny of The Urgent”.

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Alamo Heights HS Students Break the Sound Barrier!

Every great inventor knows that with innovation sometimes comes disappointment. Thomas Edison, who is known for the repeated "failures" it took to invent the light bulb once said, "I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps."

Alamo Heights High School's Aeroscience Studies Class, led by teacher Colin Lange, had a similar experience this summer when they took the two rockets they had designed and built over the entire year to the White Sands Missile Testing Range in New Mexico expecting to launch them 100,000 feet (approximately 20 miles) into the sky.

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Hot Springs, Arkansas

Looking for a hot spot for a quick get-away? This one is cool, hip, and yes, hot. It is Hot Springs, Arkansas, also known as Spa City. The most notable features of the area are the hot springs; but there is also interesting history, beautiful scenery, great fishing, fabulous art galleries, and outstanding restaurants.

The waters of the hot springs have drawn people to this area dating back as far as the late 1700s. Many believed that the minerals and the temperature of the water (143 degrees F) provided therapeutic and healing powers.

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San Antonio's Gong Shorts Film Competition is Back!

Bunny Hat Productions just announced their call for entries for the 5th annual Gong Shorts local films competition, which is coming up on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 7 pm at Alamo Drafthouse Park North. If you haven’t heard of it yet, this is the year to go check it out, especially because San Antonio’s film scene has been blossoming of late, with local film producers garnering Hollywood and distribution deals.

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I Am a Tuskegee Airman

Recently, while waiting at the St. Louis Airport for our flight home to San Antonio, we noticed an older gentleman, wearing a baseball cap bearing the word “Tuskegee.” I wanted to speak to him - to thank him for his service. I approached this man dressed in a burgundy blazer and wearing the Tuskegee cap. I extended my hand and I asked, “Were you a Tuskegee Airman?” Still shaking my hand, he said with a gentle smile, “I AM a Tuskegee Airman.”

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Friends in High Places

Everyone knows it’s good to have friends in high places, but for students in Colin Lang’s Aerospace Engineering class this cliché has taken them higher than anyone could have imagined. “What you’re experiencing today is historic,” said Alamo Heights Principal Dr. Linda Foster.

On cold, rainy and seemingly uneventful Thursday morning on January 23, 2014, nearly 150 of Lang’s students gathered for an extraordinary twenty minute video-uplink with Expedition 38 crew members Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio aboard the International Space Station.

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White Lions Are "Mane" Attraction in New Braunfels

Long known locally for its collection of venomous snakes and crocodilians, Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo surprised the community in January by announcing their newest attraction - a pair of white lion cubs! These beautiful baby lions are just four and a half months old and already drawing crowds. They are spectacular specimens, destined to be high-profile animal ambassadors for the cause of conservation and New Braunfels' up and coming zoo.

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Brenham - Something for Everyone

It is a beautiful drive from anywhere in central Texas to the quaint town of Brenham in Washington County, halfway between Houston and Austin on U.S. Highway 290. This relatively small town, population just under 16,000, has a lot going for it.

Number one is Blue Bell Creameries, founded in 1907 as the Brenham Creamery to make butter from excess cream purchased from local farmers. The first batch of ice cream was made in 1911 in a wooden tub filled with ice, and produced only two gallons per day.

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Jimmy Walker Skyrockets on PGA Tour

There’s no doubt that the local guy from New Braunfels is the hottest player right now. In fact, he’s currently ranked #1 on the PGA Tour. Seemingly out of no where, Jimmy Walker has skyrocketed to the top of the money list with his 2014 earnings approaching $4 million and is winning noteworthy competitions, including AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Walker became one of a select few when he won the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on February 9, 2014, securing his third event in eight starts (he also won the Open on Oct 13, 2013 and the Sony Open in Hawaii on January 12, 2014).

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Marrou In His Own Shoes

Chris Marrou, San Antonio’s beloved, former TV 5 anchorman and reporter, retired from network news in 2009 but he’s very much alive bringing order to a court in Bexar County and writing and developing books and scripts for television and film. During his 36 year career at KENS5 he produced the Eyewitness Nightly Newsreel, a montage of the day’s top news stories cut to Marrou’s commentary, and Marrou in Your Shoes – a comedic series of segments where Marrou tried his hand at various unskilled jobs - proving that even the simplest seeming things are complicated.

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Fredericksburg - The Charm of the Hill Country

It appears that everything came together perfectly here in Fredericksburg, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, to create a picture perfect destination: great wineries, fabulous art galleries, innovative restaurants, incredible B&Bs and guesthouses, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and a landscape that is second to none. As far back as the settlement of Fredericksburg by German immigrants in 1846, art and culture have been engrained in this beautiful Hill Country community.

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Rum-Baked Apples

As the weather starts to warm and friend & family get together, traditional desserts like baked apples are even more appealing. They provide all the flavour of a classic apple pie in a convenient single-serving package. They're even better with the grownup addition of rum.

Start with your favourite baking apple. Traditional varieties including Cortland, Braeburn, Rome, Winesap and Gala all have a pretty good balance of sweet and tart, but you'll usually need extra sugar with Granny Smiths or a touch of lemon juice with Golden Delicious. Wash or peel the apples, whichever you prefer, and core them.

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When Is The Right Time To Prune?

Pruning trees, shrubs and woody vines is a necessity, but there are always questions regarding the right time to perform this chore. Following are some general guidelines for keeping both evergreen and deciduous shrubs tidy and in top blooming condition.
Spring flowering shrubs, such as the hydrangea, azalea or lilac, should be pruned immediately after they flower. This is because the plant flowers on old wood - that is, wood that grows and hardens during the summer. Pruning in the fall or winter trims off next year's flowers.

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Grilling the Perfect Steak

With spring finally here and summer fast approaching, it's time to think ahead to the grilling season! Grilling a perfectly done steak on an outdoor gas grill can seem like a daunting task... but it doesn’t have to be. Steak thickness, preparation, knowing the correct temperature and cooking time, and proper resting, can make cooking a deliciously grilled steak simple.

A 1-2” thick steak works great on the grill. Don’t be afraid of a thicker cut. With the correct timing, it can be cooked perfectly.

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Longhorn Solar Stampede

Longhorn Solar owner Louis Petrik is excited about solar. So much so, in fact, he wants to start a 'solar stampede.' The idea is a simple one that builds on the relationships his company has with their existing customers. Longhorn is offering to pay for and host parties in the homes where they have installed a solar energy system. This will give neighbors and friends direct access to someone who already has a system so they can learn how it works first-hand. Nothing speaks louder than a happy customer. Louis envisions a future where there’s a solar energy system on every rooftop and is excited to tell the world about it.

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Jam Session: Easy Tips for Making Homemade Jam

Back in the days when fruit was only available in season and less food was produced during the winter, people had to learn how to preserve nutritious food from the summer harvest to last through the winter.

Nowadays, fruit is available all year round at the supermarket. While you can buy apples and peaches whenever you want, chances are, they will be much more expensive and much less tasty off-season. Take advantage of seasonal peach bushels and spring strawberry picking. You can get delicious fruit for only a few dollars a pound at farmers markets or pick-your-own farms.

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Leather Furniture – Back to the Basics

Over the years, I've written many articles pointing out the various things you need to know in order to make an informed decision when buying furniture – most particularly leather furniture. But for this article let's go back to the "Basics".

So, what are the "Basics" in buying leather furniture? Glad you asked!

One very important Basic in leather is understanding leather "Grading". Why, because it's very important and it's also very confusing.

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ClearChoice: The Industry Leader for Dental Implants

The discovery of dental implants was a significant dental innovation for our generation. Dental implants have soared in popularity in recent years because they provide a better alternative to conventional prostheses such as dentures.

Wearing dentures can lead to bone loss because of the pressure applied when they are used. This can cause discomfort, slippage, loss of function, and it requires that the dentures be re-lined or replaced periodically.

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The Scope of Serving: Dr. Peter Holmes' Decades of Helping San Antonio

With Dr. Peter Holmes, countless time and money poured into the city and the people is simple a matter of community and service. In his eyes, years of volunteering with local high school football programs and helping youth over the last two and a half decades has just made him “part of the team.”

During his early medical training in Houston, Dr. Holmes was involved in sports injury care of the Houston Oilers and the Astros, which led him to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery specifically athletic injuries.

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USS Lexington: The Blue Ghost

As she sits there in all her glory, moored to a specially constructed pier on Corpus Christi Beach, you cannot help but be in awe of this magnificent piece of history. She presents a powerful image, painted in original combat colors and appears ready to once again report for duty. She is photogenic without a doubt. She is the USS Lexington.

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Five Important Golf Tips: How to Improve Your Mental Golf Game

To be a successful golfer, you need to master more than the physical aspect of the game. The mental aspect of golf is just as important. Often, people neglect to perfect the mental game of golf, which can lead to subpar performance despite solid training. Here are five tips to help improve your mental golf game, which should help set the foundation for excellent rounds of golf.

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Poised 4 Success: What's Your Style?

Discovering Your Personal Style can be defined as an expression of yourself through color, clothing style, personality and lifestyle, which creates positive energy within you. Discovering the “why” behind your everyday style and even your hurried clothing choices will lead to interesting discoveries about your personality. Your clothing choices signal to others your attitude, social status, how you feel about yourself, and the role you play in life, just to name a few.

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5 Recommendations for Protecting Your Child's Privacy Online

Parenting has never been easy. Parents have the huge responsibility of protecting their growing children from all sorts of dangers. Yet most parents have developed the necessary skills to monitor the threats that have always existed in the home, the neighborhood, and the school environment. However, the Internet has added a whole new set of dangers. Unfortunately, many adults are still not fully aware of the threats that exist online – which is somewhat understandable, as those threats are continually evolving.

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Stinson Municipal Airport: A Texas Original

If you're planning a trip to San Antonio any time soon, be sure to stop at Stinson Municipal Airport (KSSF). It's the second oldest continuously operated airport in the United States, it's just six miles south of downtown and has a full service FBO, San Antonio Aviation, offering fuel, expert repair service, and offers access to rental cars to make exploring the area easy. Both the FBO and the Terminal Building have a pilots lounges, Tel-net for getting weather reports and filing flight plans.

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How to Employ a SWOT Analysis to Achieve Success

Business School students use a “SWOT” analysis approach to business opportunities. Let’s take a very quick look at what this means and, more importantly, how you can use a simplified “SWOT” approach for goal achievement for you and for your business.

The “S” stands for “Strengths” and this is where a person or a company’s strong points are listed. These can be personal or business strong points and examples might be superior sales skills or an outstanding value added product or service.

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Water-Wise Landscaping Techniques Save Water, Time and Money

With South Texas reeling from another extremely dry summer and extended drought, many of us just look to our yard with disgust and frustration. Just when it seems the grass has finally rooted in... bam! Here comes the Texas heat cooking our yards to a crisp and turning what was once a full, lush perfectly manicured lawn into nothing short of a dust bowl.

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Mobile Malware and How to Protect Yourself from It

Malware has been around since 1982 which is when Elk Cloner, an Apple II virus, came to be known as the first virus discovered “in the wild.” The Brain Virus, the first PC/MS-DOS virus, arrived in 1986. However, like Elk Cloner (a 15-year-old’s practical joke), the Brain Virus’s effect was fairly harmless. By comparison, today’s malware has a degree from Took U. and if you aren’t careful you will be schooled and stuck with tuition fees - forewarned is forearmed.

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Local Author David Beckett Shares His Local Roots and His Labor of Love

A 1986 New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung article featured an extraordinary Canyon Middle School student. His original short story, depicting a poker game between President Ronald Reagan and General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev, had been acclaimed by Scholastic Magazine. This was the same honor Truman Capote won as a teen, so David Beckett’s literary future seemed preordained. He explains, “I’d just finished Capote’s masterpiece, In Cold Blood, and I was overawed to be mentioned in the same context. I began to receive letters of congratulation from college professors. It was a dazzling experience.”

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Tora! Tora! Tora!

In the early morning hours of December 7, 1941, the Japanese Empire launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with the war cry Tora! Tora! Tora! The United States responded with fearless courage; men lined up at recruitment stations for the honor of serving their country. Women did their part also, supporting the war effort by working in factories and performing jobs traditionally done by men. Icons like Rosie the Riveter and War Bonds became a permanent part of our history.

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Improving Your Sex Life with Dark Chocolate

If you and your partner are having trouble getting in the mood, don’t hire a boring relationship coach just yet. There may be a much more pleasant way to enhance your sexual experience, and it’s easy (and tasty) to try. Everyone knows that dark chocolate, when eaten in moderation, can provide you with all sorts of health benefits. But did you know that the benefits of consuming this tasty treat also extend to the bedroom? Dark chocolate can boost your sexual desire, sexual performance, and sexual health in the following ways…

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Leather Furniture – What to Know Before You Go

“Shopping for leather furniture?” This is the phrase my wife Candy and I use at the opening of our TV commercials. If you answered “Yes” to this question – here are some things you should know before you head out the door in search of that perfect leather sofa (or recliner or sectional or …….) for your home and family.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

When doing estate planning, it is important to work with someone who can prepare a plan that meets your unique situation, rather than trying the “one size fits all” approach. What follows is the text of an email that someone sent to us, along with our response.

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